The long, slow goodbye

I have a long piece I’ve written titled “The long, slow goodbye” but I can’t post it.  Not yet.  I’m not ready.  I wrote it on October the 12th, 2016.

It is the most personal thing I’ve ever written and I’ve named several people in it.  It’s not fair to them to share it right now.  I could change the names, and I just might, but even for me, it’s hard to read.

2016 was, hands down, the hardest year I’ve ever had.  To be honest, the last three years have been pretty hard.

There will be a day when I delete this and post what I’ve written.  So why this post?  Not only is it a place holder, but I’ve written things past this date and I reference the long, slow goodbye in them.

What is the long, slow goodbye.  It’s the realization that in order to continue on in life, I must say goodbye to North Dakota, my home for many years.


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